Galaxy Note 8 to Feature Force Touch, LG V30 to Focus on Camera and Haptic Feedback

Galaxy Note 8 to Feature Force Touch, LG V30 to Focus on Camera and Haptic Feedback

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Many were shocked when Samsung decided to ditch hardware capacitive keys for the Galaxy S8 and praised their use of software buttons. Not only did this allow customers to finally customize the position of the buttons (many like the back button on the left side), but it also let them change the color of the navigation bar as well. Samsung took this a step further though and added a force touch feature to the display, but only for the home button itself. With the Galaxy Note 8. the company is one more improving upon said feature.

Samsung likes the idea of giving their customers a way to press the home button at any time. So no matter where you are and no matter what you see on the screen, you can always press firmly at the bottom center of the display to go back to the home screen. Doing this will generate a light vibration thanks to the force touch technology and it attempts to make you feel as if you just pressed the home button. A new report says the Galaxy Note 8 will also adopt this force touch feature since it too is ditching the hardware buttons.

LG will be launching a new smartphone this month as well, and the company has been teasing some of the features as well. A new announcement from LG talks about how the LG V30 will be taking smartphone photography to new heights thanks to an F1.6 aperture camera and glass lens combination. LG is calling this lens its LG Crystal Clear Lens and claims it’s the clearest lens ever to be featured in a smartphone. They are also boasting the F1.6 aperture sensor too as it is the largest a smartphone has used as well.

Not only that, but they’ve also partnered with a company called Immersion in an attempt to improve the haptics of their device. Apple made headlines when they started using a bigger haptic hardware a couple of years ago. LG may be wanting their LG V30 to compete in this field as their upcoming smartphone will feature Immersion’s TouchSense technology for high-definition haptics

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