Renders Seemingly Reveal Black and Gold Variants of the Galaxy Note 8

Renders Seemingly Reveal Black and Gold Variants of the Galaxy Note 8

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The upcoming release of the Galaxy Note 8 is going to be huge for the South Korean tech giant. With all of the trouble they had to go through recalling the Note 7 last year, this will be the time for them to make it up to their customers. They did release the Galaxy Note FE in an attempt to keep fans of the Galaxy Note series happy and it still has its fans within the community. But the upcoming Galaxy Note 8 release will be a way for Samsung to truly make it up to them.

It’s rare for Samsung to drastically redesign their new Galaxy Note smartphone when compared to the Galaxy S device that was released earlier in the year. They have been shown to be different in the past but since Samsung started buckling down with the Galaxy S6, they’ve essentially stuck with the same design. Sure, there are some subtle changes here and there, and of course the device is bigger so it can incorporate the S Pen, but we shouldn’t expect something new this year.

Galaxy Note 8

Some newly leaked renders from Evan Blass throughout the night shows this as well. He first revealed what was said to be the front of the Midnight Black variant of the Galaxy Note 8 and we saw a lot of the design choices Samsung had went with in the Galaxy S8, albeit squaring the corners like Note devices usually do. So the S8 will come with that unique aspect ratio since the top and bottom bezels have been made smaller. This also shows that they’re sticking with software navigation buttons as well (which has been a widely praised move so far).

A previous leak did suggest the Galaxy Note 8 would come with two cameras on the back of the device and Mr. Blass’ new renders do back up that claim. Other than that, the larger display and the S Pen though, we’re seeing a lot of similarities with the Galaxy Note 8 as we did with the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ from earlier this year. Still, we’re looking forward to August 23rd when Samsung official unveiled the device since they almost always have other tricks up their sleeve (be it software features or accessories).

Source: @evleaks