Samsung is Said to Release the Galaxy Note 8 in South Korea on September 15th

Samsung is Said to Release the Galaxy Note 8 in South Korea on September 15th

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Two major smartphones are being launched later this month with one being the LG V30 and the other being the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Generally though, a launch date isn’t the same time in which the device itself can be purchased. OEMs have a tendency to announce their product to the market, then open up pre-orders for various markets/retailers, and then a few weeks later the device goes on sale. Most don’t even sell devices in all markets at the same time either.

We see this a lot from LG where they will announce an upcoming smartphone, and then decide to release the device in South Korea first as it continues getting stock ready for the rest of the world. We know the LG V30 will be launched at IFA on August 31st while Samsung will be getting out ahead of the competition and launching the Galaxy Note 8 on August 23rd. Until now though, we didn’t really know when both of these smartphone OEMs would actually begin selling the devices though.

A new report claims to reveal the exact date the LG V30 and Galaxy Note 8 will go on sale in South Korea. The report cites some press publication that said LG has plans to start selling the LG V30 on September 15th. Once this report came out, it caused people to wonder if Samsung would release theirs on the same day. If the report is to be believed, then Samsung will indeed begin selling theirs on the same day with the 15th of September being their target date.

The report cites “a representative for a mobile network provider” and says the “price has not been set yet.” Both carriers and Samsung are expecting a big reception for the upcoming Galaxy Note 8 because customers have been left without a new one for 2 years. There’s no mention of global market release dates for either the LG V30 or the Galaxy Note 8 though, so we’ll have to wait and see how Samsung and LG handle that.

Source: etnews