Galaxy Note FE May Be Released On July 7 with Samsung’s Bixby

Galaxy Note FE May Be Released On July 7 with Samsung’s Bixby

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Samsung is planning to sell the refurbished Galaxy Note 7 models soon, according to the South Korean technology portal etnews. Reports suggest that it will be called the Galaxy Note FE or “Fan Edition” and it may cost over $600.

Saying that the Galaxy Note 7 was a failure is an understatement. Samsung’s no-compromise flagship might have been an excellent device for life, but its battery combusted too frequently to recommend. As a result, Samsung decided to recall the device globally. Early estimates suggested that the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco could have costed Samsung as much as $17 billion.

The new report suggests that Samsung is going to release the Galaxy Note FE in South Korea on July 7. Initially, Samsung wanted to release the refurbished Galaxy Note 7 by the end of June but decided to delay the launch by a week. The first news about the possible release of refurbished Galaxy Note 7 surfaced over a month ago.

As Reuters notes, Samsung had to recall 2.5 million units of its phablet in 2016. Now, the company plans to sell between 150,000 to 450,000 of Galaxy Note FE units. The South Korean giant will use the country’s three top mobile carriers to sell the device.

The source claims that the Galaxy Note FE will feature Samsung’s personal voice assistant, Bixby. If it’s true, the Fan Edition will be the second device to feature Bixby as the assistant is already available in Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+.

Samsung hasn’t commented on the release yet. We are expecting the South Korean OEM to release an official statement later this month.

Source: etnews (Korean) Via: Sammobile