Samsung Galaxy Note5 Battery


Samsung had some bad luck with the Battery on the Galaxy S6. The Note 5 was released around the same time. Does it have the same battery problems that cursed the Galaxy S6? It doesn’t appear to. Come with me and we will inspect this battery and see how it performs. Just be sure to wash your hands first; I know what you’ve been doing.

Battery Specs

The Galaxy Note 5 has a Non-removable Li-Po 3000 mAh battery. You might have notices that this is a step down from the 3,220 mAh battery that was in the Note 4. Samsung has still managed to make it last a bit longer, with the improvements to the software and hardware of this device.


When I had the Galaxy S6, the phone would regularly reach well over 120 degrees. I will use the S6 to heat my home this winter, but it looks like the Note 5 stays pretty cool. After running several stress tests while the phone was on the charger, this is the highest the temperature would get.


Battery Life

The Note 5 has a battery that will last you all day long. I am going from 100% down to about 10% at the end of the day, with medium to heavy use. There are two battery saving modes that will help you preserve your sweet juice. Head over to the settings menu Power Saver Mode and ULTRA EXTREME MEGA POWER SAVING MODE!


Fast Charge

The future is here! Fast charging will get your phone charged up in a fraction amount of the time. Before I go get ripped at the gym, I plug my phone in for 15 minutes. This will give me several hours of battery life. Once I get to the gym, I’m overwhelmed with self consciousness and I get a drink out of the water fountain then leave.


Wireless Charging

My favorite way to keep my battery charged up is to have a wireless charger sitting on my desk. Unfortunately I can’t afford a desk, so that means it will sit on the floor. That’s ok though, because by laying my Note 5 on the wireless charger, whenever I’m not using it, I can keep the battery charged up easily.


With a decent battery and plenty of great ways to charge it, you’ll can relax knowing that the Galaxy Note 5 will get you through the day. Now if I could just find a way to get through the day without crying.