Samsung Galaxy Note5 Cases


The Samsung Galaxy Note5 is a great big phone with an awesome design. It’s also more slippery than a hockey puck, covered in lube, sliding across a marble floor, soaked with laundry detergent. Taking this phone out of your pocket is more more nerve shattering than performing open heart surgery on a plane with heavy turbulence. Putting a case on this phone is something I highly recommend. Maybe one day Samsung will stop making their phones with this slippery plastic, but until then we will be fixing this problem by slapping a case on it. Can’t decide which case to get? I’ll show you some of the best options.


There are several things that I like about the OBLIQ Bumper case. It’s easy to pop on and off, it’s got extra large port openings, and it’s as slim as a starving mongoose on a hunger strike.

$11.99 on Amazon

Clear View Cover

If someone told me you could cover your screen, see your time and notifications, and NOT have a window cut out in the cover… It’d think they would have developed some sort of alien technology from the future. That’s exactly what they did! Samsung has used HyperSolar Morphing Rocks, mined from the Q-299 planetary system, to develop a transparent cover for the Clear View cases. Definitely the best choice, for those of you that like to flip cover style cases.


$53.99 on Amazon

Keyboard Cover

Sometimes when I’m typing out a long email on my Note5, I think “Boy I really miss Pocket PCs from 2005.” Well now you can reminisce in the old days, with this incredibly expensive case that comes with a Bluetooth keyboard that snaps onto the front of your phone. Pretty cool right?


$79.99 on Amazon

S View Cover

The S View is a handy dandy little leather flip case. The window on the front will display your notifications without having the open the cover. It comes in Gold, Silver, Black and White color options.


$49.99 on Amazon


Caseology always has some quality case options. This is the Wavelength Serise which adds a lot of grip to the slippery Note5. Along with being stylish, it’s also shock absorbent to add a bit of durability. Pick your favorite color from blue, pink or black.


$15.99 on Amazon


My personal favorite are the Trident cases. You’ll get the same durability as an otterbox case, without spending over $40. There are three different type of cases here. The Krios Prism Gel case is a simple gel cover that comes in black. If you need something more durable, there’s the Krios Dual and the Aegis Pro, which are a bit more rugged.


Krios Dual Case $19.95Krios Prism Gel Case $14,99Aegis Pro Case $34.99

Alright kids, those are some of the best cases for the Galaxy Note5. I know you all want that keyboard case, so what are you waiting for?! Alright go to sleep now.