Samsung Galaxy Note5 Screen


Viewing the screen of the Galaxy Note 5 is like looking into a window with millions of little pixels, displaying digital content… Actually that’s exactly what you’re doing, so calm down. The Galaxy Note 5 is an important screen for Samsung to get right. You’ll be using the screen a bit differently than other phones, because you’ll be writing and drawing pictures on this thing! So exciting! Let’s take a close look at the Galaxy Note 5 screen. 

Resolution and PPI

This phone has a 1440 x 2560 resolution with it’s 5.7″ screen. That will give you a 518 PPI. A perfect resolution on a screen this size. As far as colors go, you’ll have all the colors of the rainbow as well as 16 million addition ones. The colors look very accurate on this phone. Watching videos looks pretty good. Then again, I tested it by watching an old black and white movie… But I’m sure it’s good!



An AMOLED display is the best type of screen to write on. Of course, with the AMOLED screen, the blacks appear much darker. This is important because #BlackPixelsMatter. When you pop the S Pen out, the screen will go into a blackboard mode. When you use the S Pen to draw on it, it really looks like chalk on a black surface, as opposed to a phone screen.



You can change the brightness of your screen by swiping down from the notification menu. The phone can get bright enough, to where it’s very easy to see in the sunlight. You can also set the screen to be very dim. Now when you check your phone as you wake up at 3am, you won’t blind yourself and open a portal into another dimension.

View Angles

Oops! Somehow this phone doesn’t do so hot here. It’s not terrible by any means, but when you hold the phone at an angle, you’ll see a bit of a rainbow effect. It doesn’t seem to affect the experience you’ll have with the phone, unless you’re a giraffe and bend your neck to the side, as you use your phone.


With a screen this size, it’s nice to have some features that will make it easier for one handed users. Not that you only have one hand, but you use it with one hand. And if you do have one hand, that’s fine too. Or one arm. Even if you have both hands, but only have fingers on one hands. It’s fine!

So the two features you can use are “Reduced Screen Size” and “One-Handed input”. You’ll be able to reduce the size screen, and the keyboard size.


Reduce Screen Size


One-Handed Input

The Galaxy Note 5 has a sweet screen. I wish the viewing angels were a bit better but hey, it’s not the end of the world. This screen works really well when it comes to using the S Pen. I love the way it feels to write on this screen. I actually found myself pulling out the pen, to write text messages instead of using the keyboard. Good work, Samsung. You made a believer out of me.