Samsung Galaxy Note5 S Pen


Let’s not fool around here (unless you want to, wink), the main attraction on the Galaxy Note5 is the S Pen. The S Pen on the Note5 is equipped with a laser pointer, a scope, a grenade launcher, and it’s all powered by a compact car battery. There’s all kinds of reasons that the S Pen is really cool! No really, the Note5 does the S Pen better than all of the previous Galaxy Note phones. Let’s go through the key features of the S Pen and see what it can do!


Air Command

So you’ll being by clicking the S Pen out of its sheath. Once your pen is out, you will see the Air Command menu pop up. Here you’ll have quick access to all of your favorite S Pen enabled apps. You can edit the shortcuts and add whatever app you like, to this section.

If you want to pull up the Air Command menu again, you can click the button on the side of the pen and reveal the Air Command menu.


Screen Write

This is a very addicting feature. Screen Write will take a screenshot of whatever you’re looking at, and allow you to make notes directly on the image. You can change the color of your pen and switch between Pencil, brush, highlighter and eraser. It’s the feature you never knew you needed until you’ve tried it.

So much of our lives takes place on a cell phone screen and the ability to screenshot it and add some cute little notes, is priceless. Life is beautiful. You are beautiful.


Smart Select

Sometimes you just want to capture a part of your screen. When this happens, you’ll want to use Smart Select. Choose between rectangle, oval and lasso (for you cowboys out there).

Here you’ll see I can trace Captain Panakas face and add it to my scrapbook. 🙂 It’s getting pretty full!

2015-10-15 15.38.46

Action Memo

So here we have a basic notes app. You can take your little notes, make your little lists ad run your little schemes. Shame on you.


There are many more situations where the S Pen gives you a huge advantage, but these are the most attractive bits. If you want to see something awesome, try editing a video with Samsung’s Videos Editor, using the precision of the S Pen. It’s changed the way that I make my Captain Panaka tribute videos.

Now leave. I’m done here.