Galaxy S Tweaker Update Now Available for i9000

Galaxy S Tweaker Update Now Available for i9000

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The performance issues of the Samsung Galaxy S i9000 have spawned quite a few tweak apps for the XDA forums and on the Android Market.

XDA forum member snoopy33‘s tweak app, namely GST (Galaxy S Tweaker) has recently received an update to fix some annoying bugs that were identified with previous versions.

Still, the dev advises users to do a nandroid backup before installing as it is not feasibly possible to test the app on all firmware version variations.

As a recap, the app helps to root your phone, install the voodoo lagfix, disable the voodoo lagfix, change you screen lock, and helps change your fingerprint to access protected applications on the Market.

For more information, visit the application thread. GST is also available to download in the Market.