Get the new Samsung Galaxy S20 FE for as low as $140 at the Samsung Store!

Get the new Samsung Galaxy S20 FE for as low as $140 at the Samsung Store!

If you would have told me that you could pick up the new Samsung Galaxy S20 FE for just $140, this close to its release, I wouldn’t have believed you for a second. Black Friday coming up or not, that’s a huge discount on the already affordable flagship, and retailers aren’t going to cut things that deep for the sake of a sale.

But, well, here we are. You can get the Galaxy S20 FE for as low as $140. How do you do that? With an eligible trade-in! Basically right now, you get extra trade-in credit with any device trade-in, which is what makes this low price possible. As to be expected, though, getting the maximum discount requires specific phones for the trade-in.


In order to knock the S20 FE all the way down to $140, you’ll need to trade in either the Galaxy Note 10 Plus or the Galaxy Note 10 5G. That’s not the biggest selection for the maximum discount, but at least you’re more likely to have a Note 10 over some other models. A lot of Google, Samsung, and Apple models also get you really great discounts too. You can also trade in literally any iOS or Android phone (that’s in good condition) for $50 off. And really, are you going to even use the old phone after grabbing the S20 FE?

The Samsung Store is also the only place that you can get the S20 FE in all six colors, including the online-only Cloud White and Cloud Orange colors! Orange is probably my favorite of the bunch, and it’s pretty hard to find that one outside of the Samsung Store. But the beauty of the phone is that there’s a nice color for everyone!

    You can now get a big discount on the newly launched Samsung Galaxy S20 FE by trading in your old device! If you have a Note 10 Plue or Note 10 5G, you'll get the maximum discount and be able to grab yourself this phone for just $140.

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