Latest Samsung Galaxy S22 update addresses the GOS performance throttling issue

Latest Samsung Galaxy S22 update addresses the GOS performance throttling issue

The Samsung Galaxy S22 series is undoubtedly among the best Android devices out there right now. Samsung’s flagships for 2022 pack in some insane hardware, like the S-Pen on the Ultra model, top-of-the-line SoCs, up to 12GB of RAM, and stunning displays. However, despite boasting the cutting edge hardware, the Galaxy S22 isn’t perfect by any means.

Just a few days after its launch, a number of users revealed that the Korean OEM was throttling the performance of the device through a pre-installed app named Game Optimization Service (GOS). Soon thereafter, the company issued a statement and promised to add more control over GOS. Staying true to the commitment it made, Samsung has now started rolling out a firmware update to address the concerns.


According to multiple reports on the Samsung Korea community forums, Samsung is seeding a new software update for the Galaxy S22 lineup. As mentioned earlier, the update packs in improvements for the device’s CPU/GPU performance adjustment capabilities, along with a new “Game Performance Management Mode” in Game Booster (machine-translated from Korean).

The update (firmware version S90xNKSU1AVC5) is currently rolling out to the Korean variant of the Galaxy S22 (model number SM-S90xN) in Samsung’s home country. It may also be released for the global models in the next couple of days.

Notably, Geekbench recently delisted the last four years of Galaxy flagships from its benchmark browser after accusing Samsung of benchmark manipulation via the GOS app. We’ll have to wait to see if the benchmarking platform reverts its decision in response to this update. While one could argue the main takeaway here is not to blindly trust benchmarking apps for real world performances, misleading consumers using software tweaks is a bad practice, no matter who does it.

As of now, we have no word from Samsung regarding the release timeline of the firmware update for other regions, but we’ll update this post as and when we receive more information.

Source: Samsung Korea Community Forums

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