Samsung Galaxy S6 4K Video


Kids these days are all talking about something called 4K resolution. What does that even mean?! I’m not a robot! I don’t know how many megapixels are in a quradropixel on the damn flexdrive!

If you want to stay relevant in in this world, you have to be shooting 4K now I guess. The Samsung Galaxy S6 comes with a camera that can shoot in 3840×2160. This will soon be a standard feature on any flagship smartphone.

So when and why should you film in 4K with your Galaxy S6? Well I’ll tell you.

When Should I Film In 4K?

This depends on several different things. If you’re filming in 4K, you’re going to want a 4K display to view your video on. The display that comes on the Galaxy S6 is 2K. If you’re just going to be watching your videos on your phone, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to shoot in the 4K resolution. For watching videos on your phone, your camera has the ability to film in 2K resolution. This makes much more sense in this situation. Now if you’ve got a 4K TV or monitor at home, and that’s where you intend to view your videos, then go ahead and film in 4K. Or, if you want to make future generations happy because you think they’ll appreciate your crappy videos, I mean, your art, then 4K will be the way to go.

The Galaxy S6 has a time limit of five minutes for 4K filming. So keep that in mind if you plan on taking a long video of something.

If you intend to upload your videos to Faceboook, film 1080p instead. Facebook will downsize your video regardless and compress it so severely that your gf might look like a dog (more than usual). However YouTube does support 4K videos. So if you’re uploading to YouTube, film in 4K. Check out this 4K video taken on the Galaxy S6 and uploaded to youtube.

So again, if you’re filming in 4K, make sure you have a 4K screen to view it on, and make sure you’re uploading somewhere that supports 4K.

Why Should I Film In 4K?

Well a higher resolution video is always going to look better. If you make YouTube videos, you will probably want to start shooting in 4K, as it is quickly becoming the standard.

Downsides Of 4K

Right now 4K videos will obliterate your battery life and destroy your storage space. 4K videos files take up massive amounts of space. I took a 20 second video on the Galaxy S6 and the file size was over 200MB. Back in the day computers only had like 4KB of storage, so be mindful of our glorious past.

Obviously there is a time cap at five minuets to prevent overheating when filming, because filming in such a high resolution turns your phone into lava.

Front Facing Camera

While the front facing camera is usually an afterthought for phone manufactures, Samsung put an incredible front facing camera in this phone.

It might not be able to capture my disgusting face in 4K but it does support 2K, which is very surprising. Again, this is aimed towards YouTubers mostly, as apps like snapchat and instagram certainly aren’t going to support 2k video. Still a pretty chill feature though.


Pretty cool stuff huh?