Samsung Galaxy S6 Camera


The Samsung Galaxy S6 came sporting a beast of a camera. Along with their awesome new camera, they’ve got their Samsung Camera app which offers all the features you’d expect from a DSLR. It’s got a 16 MP rear facing camera and a 5 MP front facing camera. But Megapixels don’t mean anything unless the phone can actually take decent pictures. So can it? Let’s find out. 

Picture Quality

I wanted to test the quality of this camera, and see how it does in different lighting conditions. To test how accurately it picks up different colors, I went on an adventure to my back patio.

In this first picture, I included  all things nature. This wild and untamed depiction of the harsh environment of the jungle really shows off the amount of detail this camera is able to capture.


But let’s take a closer looks at some of these elements.


The grass looks so good in this picture, you could eat it. I did eat it. I ate the grass for about an hour until I felt sick. While these images are scaled down, the full sized version of this really does look perfect.


Wow, I had only heard stories about the sky being so blue. I’ve never seen it for myself, until taking this picture. The quality is so good you can even see some chemtrails in the bottom left hand corner that the government is using to control our minds and keep us submissive.


No grass meal is complete without munching on a few delicious stones. Toasted by the warmth of the Sun God, the varying colors of the different rocks all standout in this image. Good job Samsung.

Color Quality

One of the things that many smartphones suffer from is terrible color quality. Everything usually looks grayed out as the colors blend together. With Samsung’s new camera, you wouldn’t even be able to tell these photos were taken on a smartphone. Check it out.


Colors are poppin’ right off the screen and streaming directly into my eye spheres, at 137GBPS! Looks very nice.

Low Light Conditions

If you’re like me, you spend a lot of time alone in the dark. I’ll send out a bunch of snapchats, but nobody ever replies. I think this is because before I had the S6, my pictures didn’t look so good in low light situations. Let’s see how the S6 does.

The picture here on the right is a photo of my mini Christmas tree, taken in a dimly lit closet. This is where I spend 90% of my day. Picture looks pretty decent.

The next picture that you see down below was taken with no lights on. Only some natural light bleeding through my window shades.



This image was taken with the Lens Blur effect. Considering the amount of light, the picture turned out pretty well.

Now let’s take a look at some other features.


Panoramas look great. This is a feature that few people ever use, so we wont dwell on it.



You can fit quite a bit into the front camera lens on this phone. They’ve got a really wide angle lens that will easily get you and all your friends in the frame. I took a selfie wearing my ostrich pillow, to demonstrate.


So that’s about it for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Camera. It’s by far, the best feature of this phone and probably the best Camera you can get in a smartphone right now.