Galaxy S6 Features

If you know Samsung like we know Samsung, you know that they like to maximize the functionality and features of their phones, especially in the Galaxy S line. While they weren’t able to actually include a kitchen sink in the Galaxy S6, we heard rumors that they tried. Here’s a look at the very best features of the Galaxy S6, from the camera to the fingerprint sensor! While you’re at it, check out our amazing Galaxy S6 forums.


Smooth Operator

Samsung broke up with the past with the Galaxy S6, going from a plastic build (found in previous Galaxy S devices) to one that uses glass and metal. That gives the phone a slick, saucy feel in-hand, that while a bit slippery, is very premium. Samsung managed to keep the phone lightweight enough to not be a bother in your skinny pants.

Ultimate Security

The Galaxy S6 features an improved fingerprint reader, which people think is as good as those found on iPhones (hey now, we have to give Apple credit once a decade, right?). It’s used for security, but will also be used for Samsung Pay, which rolls out later in 2015. Samsung Pay is a step above typical forms of mobile payment like Google Wallet and Apple Pay because it doesn’t require an NFC terminal to work. That’ll mean that nearly 100% of the places you patronize will let you pay with your phone. Now you’ll be able to bet even more on Green Lightning down at the track. Just make sure your spouse doesn’t find out again.

Get Amped

While many have bemoaned the endurance of the Galaxy S6, the phone has some tricks up its…bezels…to help stay charged up. First is wireless charging, which is compatible with both the Qi standard, which has been around for years now, and PMA, which retailers like Starbucks and Ikea are adopting. So just pop your Galaxy S6 on a charging pad and let it juice up…it’ll take a couple of hours to get a full charge. Or, use the Adaptive Fast Charger, included in the box, to charge your Galaxy S6 in just a little over an hour. Even if you don’t have an hour, you can get many hours of usage with just 10-15 min of charging, which is awesome.


Beware of Curves

If you opt for the “edge” variant of the Galaxy S6, you’ll have a phone that has lovely curves on both edges of the display. It’s implemented beautifully and it also brings useful features of its own including edge lighting. This feature allows your phone to show if an important contact (ahem, mom) is trying to get ahold of you by having the part screen that is visible when your phone is face down pulsate different colors. You can also use the edge screen as a clock. While the phone laying down charging you can set certain hours when the edge screen will display the time and date very dimly, perfect for when you wake up and don’t want to be blinded by a bright screen. Lastly, there is People Edge, which lets you swipe in from any app and access a color-coded list of your favorite contacts. Perfect for sending a quick text or making a call.

Dat Camera

All reviewers agree that the camera on the Galaxy S6 is top-notch. We’d go ahead and say it’s “off the chain” but we don’t want to be uncool. It does well in high light, low light, and everything inbetween. The camera can be accessed, even when the phone is off, by a double-tap of the home button, and boy does it launch fast (in 0.7 seconds). There is full-auto mode for those that don’t want to toil with settings, but for the pros, there are a range of manual modes so that you can get just the right shot. Regardless of shooting mode, the resulting photos are colorful and crisp, especially when shooting in full 16MP resolution with optical image stabilization. Zooming in yields extra detail, not noise or fuzzy artificats (unless you’re taking a picture of your kitty). For video buffs, 4K video recording is also available, as well as a feature that lets you actually zoom in on photos as you watch them. Oh yeah, lest we forget for all the beautiful humans out there, the Galaxy S6 has a wide-angle front camera, perfect for capturing your face and your surroundings, or making sure grandma doesn’t get cut off in the picture again like at last year’s family reunion.