Galaxy S6 Release Date


The Samsung Galaxy S6 was announced at Mobile World Congress 2015 on March 1st and made available for purchase in April. If you already have some popcorn in-hand (make sure not to get your keyboard all greasy, kay?), you can relive the entire announcement on YouTube. Alongside the Galaxy S6, Samsung (or “Sammy” as we like to call them) announced the Galaxy S6 Edge, which is identical to the main Galaxy S6 on the inside, but on the outside has a curved display on each side of the screen.

Later in the year another model, the Galaxy S6 Active, was released on June 12th. The S6 Active has many of the same internals as the S6 but includes a much larger 3500 Mah Battery and IP58 water and dust proof certification, which means you can listen to your Madonna in the shower. Tradeoffs, though, are the S6 Active doesnt have the same glass and metal body as the S6, and it’s much larger, nor does it have the fingerprint reader. The S6 Active is also exclusive to AT&T meaning software updates will take longer, knowing AT&T. Heh.

More recently, on August 13th, the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and the Galaxy S6 Edge+ were announced at Samsung’s Unpacked event. And yup, those announcements can be found on YouTube if you like to watch CEOs give multi-hour presentations. Like the duo before them, the Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge+ have the same internal specs with the difference being the curved display on the S6 Edge+ and the Note 5 having the S-Pen stylus.

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