Samsung Galaxy S6 Screenshots


A snapchat will last a max of 10 seconds, but if you take a screenshot that memory will stay with you forever. Not knowing how to screenshot can be a massive disadvantage because your current gf might break up with you tomorrow and it’ll be…helpful…if you’re able to save “those” pics she sent you at 2am.

Let’s take a minute to looks at sceenshots on the Galaxy S6. I will show you the different ways you can take a screenshot, then share some screenshots that were taken on the device itself.

Screenshot with hardware buttons

The most basic method of taking a screenshot has been the same on all Samsung Galaxy S devices. Just hold the Home Button and the Power button until you hear the shutter sound. This will capture a snapshot of whatever you’re currently looking at on your screen. That picture will then be accessible through your photos app, like any other picture, plus you’ll get a notification about the screenshot and you can share it directly from your notification shade.


Screenshot with gesture

If you prefer Samsung’s gesture controls, you can use the Palm Swipe To Capture option. This will take a bit to get used to. I’ve found that most of the time, when swiping my hand, I was opening apps or changing screens. I could never really get it to work the way it was intended and each screenshot took me about 10 swipes to get it right. What a surprise…a Samsung feature that doesn’t work…ahem…

You can activate this feature by navigating to Settings> Motions and Gestures> Palm swipe to capture.

So to use this feature, you’ll place your hand on the screen as if you were karate chopping it, and swipe it from one side to the other. You’re supposed to make contact with the screen throughout the swipe gesture.

I have never had much luck with this option, but it could just be because have have long disgusting hands.


Those are the two ways that you can screenshot on the Galaxy S6. There are some apps you can download that will offer features like “Shake to screenshot”. So if that sounds like it would be a better options for you, lookup screenshot apps on the Play Store.

Now let’s take a look at some actual screenshots from the device.







Now you should be able to take screenshots on your device, and share them like any other photo.