Galaxy S7 Versus Galaxy S7 Fake

Galaxy S7 Versus Galaxy S7 Fake

Smartphone clones have always been around and always will be. For this video, Harris compares a Galaxy S7 to a knockoff S7 device. Let’s see how it holds up.


Unless you know what to look for, one could easily be fooled into thinking the packaging of the clone is legitimate. The Samsung Galaxy logo looks nearly identical to the real product. The only places where the packaging differs is on the back where the information is listed and on the bottom where the IMEI and serial number are shown.

clonepackage1 clonepackage2

Build Quality

This is where the differences become immediately noticeable. The cheap plastic on the clone device is an instant giveaway that this is not a true Samsung smartphone. Furthermore, the display has a much harsher grey color compared to the original S7. The camera module sticks out just slightly more than the module on the real S7. When it comes to the buttons, ports, and speakers, though, the two devices look quite similar. However, there is no fingerprint scanner to be found on the clone device – nor is it waterproof like the real thing.


build1 build2


The clone performs quite poorly in real world usage due to the low end SoC. The clone attempts to replicate the look and feel of TouchWiz (now known as Samsung Experience) as seen on legitimate Samsung devices, though it’s obviously lacking many of Samsung’s features. Our test device wasn’t able to complete any benchmarks, so you can imagine that this device won’t be a smooth performer in any sense of the word.

soft1 soft2

Check out the video above to see this clone device in action.

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