Galaxy S8 CrashGuard Drop Test Video [Hint: Phone is Unscathed]

Galaxy S8 CrashGuard Drop Test Video [Hint: Phone is Unscathed]

The Galaxy S8 and the S8+ are without a doubt some of the nicest phones you can get, plus they have the latest specifications with excellent performance and a stellar camera. Samsung worked hard to create a great looking body and an infinity display that would be a sin to hide behind a boring case. You can show off your Galaxy S8 phone and still have some great protection with the RhinoShield CrashGuard bumper case. This case leaves the back of your phone exposed as well as the edges of your infinity display, while still offering maximum protection against some serious falls. With a CrashGuard case, you’ve got the best insurance policy possible for your expensive new Galaxy S8 for not much money.

Check out this drop test video to see it in action.

The bumper is super-lightweight, weighing at only 12 grams (less than half an ounce) yet it is still fully capable of providing at least the same level of impact protection as many leading brands or any other brick-like case product.

You can grab one of these bumper cases for only $25 on Amazon or the RhinoShield website.

RhinoShield CrashGuard has a matte finish, which serves as a means of enhancing your grip on your device. The finish also serves to make the bumper more durable as it is harder to scratch.

The goal is to cover up as little of your device as possible while adding maximum protection. The bumper is only 2.5mm thick and yet it still offers extreme protection.

Choose from Black, Gray, or Dark Blue.

Now if you’re worried about leaving the back of your phone unprotected from scratches like this, RhinoShield has another solution that wont sacrifice the look of the bumper. Check out the transparent Back Skin that comes with their Tempered Glass Screen Protector. This extra layer of protection will keep your phone looking new and safe from harsh surfaces or sharp objects. Here’s a video showing how easy it is to install.

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