Galaxy S8 Reportedly Shipping with IP68 Rating for Dust and Water Resistance

Galaxy S8 Reportedly Shipping with IP68 Rating for Dust and Water Resistance

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The Korean news outlet The Investor has reported from multiple sources that the much-awaited successors of the Samsung Galaxy S7 and the iPhone 7 Plus are both going to have an IP68 rating for dust and water resistance.

Applying an IP68-level of dust and water resistance to the presumed Galaxy S8 and iPhone 8 means that both smartphones will be fully dust sealed (not just resistant to external damage), and will also be able to face sustained submersion under water. The Galaxy S7 also has an IP68 rating, so this news is something we’ve been expecting. However, the report also states that Samsung is looking to bring water and dust resistance to other, cheaper smartphone lines that it offers.

The Investor doesn’t specify the submersion depth or duration that the Galaxy S8 will be rated for either, though, the current generation Galaxy S7 is rated for 1.5m and a duration of 30 mins with a IP rating of 68, so we can expect similar or better protection than that.

The actual depth and duration are specified by the manufacturer so it will be interesting to see how far both these companies are willing to push their devices. Managing to waterproof a smartphone while also keeping a thin and attractive profile is no easy feat, and one of Samsung’s products may have failed under such pressure – here’s to hoping the Galaxy S8 doesn’t face a similar fate.

Source: The Investor