Galaxy S8 to Not Feature On-Screen Fingerprint Scanner Because Samsung Ran Out of Time

Galaxy S8 to Not Feature On-Screen Fingerprint Scanner Because Samsung Ran Out of Time

Early leaks and reports of the Samsung Galaxy S8 mentioned that this would be the first device from Samsung in a very long while that will feature no buttons on the front of the device.

Such a “drastic” change was brought about by the development of optical fingerprint sensors, like the Synaptics FS9100, which can be integrated under the glass. Considering that Samsung and Synaptics have an ongoing long-term partnership and collaboration, it was not far fetched to believe that the Galaxy S8 could sport something similar.

But as most leaks have pointed out by now, the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S8 Plus will feature a fingerprint scanner on the back of the device, next to the camera sensor.

A report originating from Korea mentions that the reason for such a change of plans was that Samsung and Synaptics ran out of time. Samsung poured resources into Synaptics’ fledgling technology, but the results were “frustrating”. With production imminent, Samsung had to decide to relocate the scanner to the back of the device “at the last minute”. Samsung’s all-out efforts to embed a fingerprint scanner under the display failed as the technology could not be developed as per schedule.

With whispers of Apple’s possible adoption of on-screen fingerprint scanning technology for the next iPhone, Samsung and its marketing department have an uphill task of convincing users that the back placement is as convenient as it was on the front. Samsung is also looking at leveraging advanced facial recognition software along with the iris scanner to provide a super quick unlocking experience.

The Android enthusiast community is not alien to fingerprint scanners on the back of the device, and everyone has evolved a preference on the scanner placement. But for average users whose very definition of a smartphone is Apple and Samsung, the fingerprint scanner on the back might be a problematic and hard sell.

What are your thoughts on the Samsung not being able to adopt optical fingerprint scanner for the Galaxy S8? Do you think the positioning of the scanner would turn away average users?

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