Galaxy Tab S3 System Dump Seems to Reveal Galaxy S8 Details

Galaxy Tab S3 System Dump Seems to Reveal Galaxy S8 Details

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Samsung’s Galaxy S8 has not been shy when it comes to leaks this year. Even though the Galaxy Tab S3 is said to be launched first, we’ve seen more rumors surrounding the Galaxy S8. We’ve heard about its 5.7″ display for the “smaller” size variant, then saw some images that showed us the 6.2″ Plus variant. There have been multiple details about its new AI assistant, Bixby, revealed in various leaks. We’ve even seen leaks reveal possible hardware details about the device, such as the battery, cameras, headphone port, and fingerprint sensor.

It’s fair to say that we’ve covered most, if not all, of the substantial reports and leaks about the Galaxy S8 that had at least some semblance of credibility to them. as far as we know, the Galaxy S8 should be launching sometime close to April so we still have up to two months left before the device gets launched. Interestingly enough, this new leak for the Galaxy S8 claims to come from the system dump of the unreleased Galaxy Tab S3 tablet.

We have yet to figure out why details of the Galaxy S8 are showing up in the system dump of the Galaxy Tab S3, but they do seem to backup some of the previous rumors we have heard about Samsung’s upcoming flagship smartphone. The first image seems to reaffirm the previous rumors that said the fingerprint sensor would be placed on the back of the device. Not only that, but that it will be sitting right beside the rear camera. We still don’t understand why Samsung would put it there, but that’s where it seems to be.

Samsung has been one of the sole surviving major Android OEMs that have stuck with hardware buttons. There are still some others here and there that use them, but most have switched to software navigation buttons long, long ago. We have heard rumors that Samsung would be ditching them and finally switching to software buttons this year, and this new image seems to back that up. Not only that, but we’re seeing that Samsung is not going with the square, circle, triangle icons either and have opted for more traditional icons for its navigation bar.

Source: Android Police