Galaxy Watch 4 update promises to improve touch bezel responsiveness

Galaxy Watch 4 update promises to improve touch bezel responsiveness

It’s been a little under a month since Samsung announced the Galaxy Watch 4 series, and they’re already receiving their second update. The latest Galaxy Watch 4 update, with build number BUI5, doesn’t have many details in the changelog, but after installing it on my own watch, here are the changes we found.

Touch Bezel Improvements

For the Galaxy Watch 4, the touch bezel functionality has supposedly been improved. After installing the new Galaxy Watch 4 update on my own watch, I did find the touch bezel to be a bit more reliable. Obviously, this change doesn’t apply to the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic as it has a physical rotating bezel.


App Drawer

A couple of changes not mentioned in the Galaxy Watch 4 update notes involve the app drawer. In the release firmware, the app drawer opened with a linear animation from the bottom of the screen. Scrolling small distances would cause the icons to jiggle around a bit.

The opening animation has now been changed with software version BUI5, with apps progressively animating towards the top. The jiggle animation has also been removed (which is probably for the best since it didn’t work very well). Here’s a quick screen recording of the new animation:


Aside from those changes, there isn’t much else to talk about in the latest Galaxy Watch 4 update. Samsung left the update notes pretty vague for some reason, though they’re hardly the only ones to do that. Be on the lookout for this update to reach your own Galaxy Watch 4, and let us know if you see any changes we haven’t mentioned in this article.

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