Gallery Go by Google Photos is a machine learning-based offline gallery app for Android Go

Gallery Go by Google Photos is a machine learning-based offline gallery app for Android Go

Android Go is Google’s lightweight platform that is intended to run on less powerful hardware as compared to the regular Android system. Android Go thus targets users in developing nations and low income areas who can only afford basic smartphone hardware, but still aims to provide them with a comparable Android experience. Because of the inherent limitations that the Android Go vision brings along, Google has released highly optimized versions of several of its app, stripping away heavy yet secondary features but still managing to get the primary job done. Google Photos, one of Google’s best services in recent years, did not see an Android Go-equivalent app. But at a Google for Nigeria event today, Google has announced Gallery Go — an offline gallery app that brings some of the machine learning-based algorithmic magic from Google Photos to Android Go devices.


Much like Google Photos, Gallery Go automatically organizes photos by people and by their subject and contents using Google’s Machine Learning algorithms. But unlike Google Photos, Gallery Go is designed to work offline, allowing users to experience automatic organization without needing an active data connection. The app allows users to create folders to organize their photos, and it also supports SD cards, which should come in very handy on these storage limited devices. Speaking of limited storage, the app is also just 10MB in size, which is a fraction of the size of the Google Photos apk.

Gallery Go gets more machine learning tricks as it sports the signature Auto Enhance feature from Google Photos, allowing users to instantly fix common issues with their photos. The app also has other filter options, as well as basic crop and rotate functionality, fulfilling most of the expectations from a basic gallery app.

Gallery Go is available in the Play Store for devices running Android 8.1 Oreo and above, though it is best suited for Android Go devices. Some features such as organizing photos by people are not available in all countries. The app will also make its debut as a pre-installed gallery app on the Itel S15 and other devices.

Download Gallery Go by Google Photos from the Google Play Store

Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

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