Game of Quests Start-Up Moves Your Body

Game of Quests Start-Up Moves Your Body

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A group of Polish developers have just started a Indiegogo campaign with a project named Game of Quests. GOQ is a game and activity tracking app that helps players have fun and develop at the same time. The concept is relatively similar to Ingress, but takes place in a totally different universe.

A world is at war between humans, dwarfs, elves and mysterious beings. Each race is divided into classes. Selecting a class is crucial, as the game requires different activities to advance to next level. Warriors can work on strength and stamina by completing fitness quests, mages focus on quests based on culture, while druids work on social, ecological, and relationship quests. To become a champion, a player needs to do his/her best in the aforementioned activities.

There is no limit on activities. For example, warriors can become quite competent at intelligence based quests. Players can enjoy time with friends and track their progress on any Android device. The game will soon be available on other mobile operating systems like Apple iOS and Windows Phone as well. If the funding goes as planned, the first version of the game should be available in mid 2015. After that, the team will work on adding other “universes.”

The concept of Game of Quests is very interesting and the game is very exciting to mobile gaming enthusiasts looking to get in shape. Encouraging Android users to get some more physical activity is definitely a good move that should be followed by other game studios.

So far, the developers have raised $538 of their $21000 goal. If you are interested in supporting the startup, consider donating a few dollars to show your appreciation. More information about the project can be found in this thread by XDA Senior Member Krzem.