GameSir’s new wireless controllers turn your phone or tablet into a portable game console

GameSir’s new wireless controllers turn your phone or tablet into a portable game console

Mobile gaming continues to grow at a fast pace and with that, we are seeing new and innovative accessories. The latest one is from GameSir, a Chinese accessory maker that has made a few popular game controllers for mobile devices in the past. Their most popular controller was the telescopic/extending game controller called GameSir X2 that included a USB Type-C connector in the middle. The company has now come up with a new model that supports wireless connections via Bluetooth and a model that can be hooked with tablets.

The new GameSir X2 Bluetooth Mobile Gaming Controller and GameSir F7 Claw Tablet Game Controller work with both Android and Apple devices. The X2 Bluetooth version comes with a split design that includes a joystick on both the left and the right sides and ABXY buttons. Smartphones measuring up to 173mm in length can be used with this controller giving you a Nintendo Switch-like experience. The controller comes with L1/L2 and R1/R2 trigger buttons are micro switches with a small contact gap and high sensitivity.


The company claims that the X2 Bluetooth supports a majority of cloud gaming services including Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, Google Stadia, NVIDIA GeForce Now, and Vortex. Additionally, the controller offers support for games on Apple Arcade as well as MFi (Made for iPhone). Other notable features include a dedicated screenshot button, a 500mAh battery that can last up to 20 hours, and USB Type-C Charging Port. The GameSir X2 Bluetooth version is priced at $59.99/£69.99.

The company has also announced the GameSir F7 Claw controller, which is claimed to be the world’s first capacitive gamepad for tablets. It is compatible with Android tablets or iPads with a thickness range of 6-12mm. The controller has two separate parts that can attach to the left and right sides of a tablet using a strong suction cup design. It comes with R1/R2 and L1/L2 trigger buttons as well as two “Turbo” buttons, allowing gamers to play FPS and TPS games, and also be a good PUBG Mobile gaming accessory.

The F7 Claw simply attaches to the tablet using a strong, tight and secure suction cup design and, when in place, it allows the gamer to utilize the ‘trigger’ buttons, It includes R1/R2 and L1 and L2 as well as two “Turbo” buttons which, when pressed, control the burst frequency of the R1 and L1 buttons respectively; making them ideal for all onscreen control FPS & TPS games.

The controller comes with quick actions to enter recording mode and the chipset on the inside ensures fast response and sensitive trigger operation. The F7 Claw is claimed to offer up to 120-hours of playing time with 200 days standby time, all from a charge of just 2 hours, using the USB Type-C connector.

Pricing and Availability

The GameSir X2 Bluetooth version is priced at $59.99/£69.99 and is currently available on Amazon, while the F7 Claw Tablet Game Controller is priced at $39.99/£33.99 and will be available starting May 24th.

    The GameSir X2 Bluetooth wireless game conroller supports all Android and iPhones having a length of 173mm.

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