GameSir X3 is a game controller/cooler hybrid for your Android phone

GameSir X3 is a game controller/cooler hybrid for your Android phone

Our smartphones have been becoming more powerful with every passing year. They’re now capable of executing more intensive tasks, thanks to their upgraded processors and other internals. This allows game developers to bring triple-A (AAA) titles to mobile platforms — instead of keeping them exclusive to computers and consoles. That’s not to mention that there are many cloud gaming services out there that require minimal on-device processing powers. There are plenty of controllers for android phones that make playing the best mobile games even more enjoyable. However, the GameSir X3 controller comes with a twist — a built-in cooler.


Available for $100, this game controller actively cools down your Android phone to make sure that it doesn’t overheat. This allows you to game for hours in a row without needing to worry about a throttled performance. The GameSir X3 looks somewhat similar to its predecessor — except that it has a cooling system attached to its back.

What’s great about the GameSir X3 is that it connects to your phone through its USB Type-C port — rather than wirelessly. This ensures that there’s no input latency when playing real-time games. The cooling fan also includes an RGB lighting system — which reminds us of Razer’s Phone Cooler Chroma.

The GameSir X3 works with all Android games and cloud gaming services that support controllers. For added versatility, you can also swap out the buttons to change its overall layout. Unfortunately, though, the X3 doesn’t pack a battery. So while it has a relatively compact size, you won’t be able to game on the go. You have to depend on a wired power connection at all times to use it. As long as your phone has a length that ranges between 110mm and 179mm, runs Android 9 or later, and has a USB Type-C port, you’ll be able to use this $100 accessory.

    GameSir X3 is a hybrid mobile game controller that has a built-in cooler for your Android phone.

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