Gaming Chromebooks with RGB keyboards are reportedly in the works

Gaming Chromebooks with RGB keyboards are reportedly in the works

It’s safe to say that Chromebooks aren’t necessarily the most powerful laptops out there. You certainly wouldn’t want to pick one for intensive workloads such as programming or gaming. But as Chrome OS becomes more mature and capable, OEMs and chipmakers are reportedly gearing up to bring a new class of Chromebooks aimed specifically at gamers.

The idea of a gaming Chromebook may seem amusing to many. After all, most Chromebooks don’t pack serious graphics power nor Chrome OS has a rich gaming ecosystem. However, 9to5Google has uncovered evidence that suggests that gaming Chromebooks are in the works. According to new commits spotted on Chromium, Chrome OS is preparing to add support for RGB keyboards with a new feature flag. As 9to5Google points out, the RGB keyboard flag isn’t for external USB or Bluetooth keyboards that have RGB lighting. Rather, it’s being developed for some unreleased Chromebooks.


Enable RGB Keyboard Support

Enable RGB Keyboard support on supported devices.


The publication has found evidence of at least three hardware codenames — Vell, Taniks, and Ripple— associated with RGB keyboards. Vell and Taniks are said to be powered by Intel’s 12th Gen Alder Lake chipsets and might be linked to HP and Lenovo, respectively. Ripple, on the other hand, is an internal codename for a detachable keyboard rather than a Chromebook model. Not much else is known about Ripple at this point as development for it has just recently started.

The report notes that Chrome OS will also allow users to customize each keyboard to their liking. It’ll be possible to adjust the brightness of keys, change the intensity of the Red, Green and Blue light to create different hues, and so on. It’s unclear when these RGB keyboard-equipped Chromebooks are set to arrive.

Last year, Nvidia and MediaTek announced that they were working together on a reference laptop platform that would support Chromium and Linux. While not officially confirmed, this collaboration does open up the possibility of ARM-powered Chromebooks with RTX graphics.

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