Gaming on the Full View Display of the Honor 9X

Gaming on the Full View Display of the Honor 9X

This year, Honor launched the Honor 9X as one of the few “full view” phones on the market. To achieve a large notch-free display, Honor hides the selfie camera behind a motorized pop-up mechanism. The large 6.59″ phone provides a much more immersive experience due to the completely uninterrupted display. The size of a notch or hole-punch solution might not seem very  intrusive, but while gaming, it’s a clear advantage having a full view display.


Honor 9X Specs
Display 6.59″ 1080 x 2340p (391 ppi)
Chipset HiSilicon Kirin 710F
Storage 128GB
Main Camera 48MP/8MP (Ultrawide)/2MP (Depth Sensor)
Selfie Camera 16MP Motorized Pop-up
Battery 4,000mAh
Operating System Android 9.1.0 EMUI 9.1.0

The Kirin 710F is paired with up to 6GB of RAM and provides great performance across some of the most popular 3D games. You’ll also find that system performance is really impressive despite the weaker chipset included in this phone.

AnTuTu Benchmark

AnTuTu Benchmark

With 6GB of RAM, the Honor 9X maintains super fast app launch speeds and very snappy system navigation. See the above photos for more detailed benchmark results from  the AnTuTu benchmark.


Honor is able to get really good performance from lower-end specs. Their secret is GPU Turbo 3.0. This feature is designed to prioritize gaming performance and has the ability to increase frame rate and graphics for your games. Battery performance is also increased due to 10% greater efficiency from GPU Turbo 3.0.

Minecraft on the Honor 9X

Minecraft runs flawlessly on the Honor 9X, even with the render distance bumped all the way up to 11 chunks and maxed out graphics. Worlds are created very quickly and terrain loads without lag. The same experience can be found across any game you throw at this phone.

Since mobile games are designed to be compatible with as many phones as possible, the full view display offers more of a gaming improvement than a significant increase in processing power would. When it comes to the experience on Minecraft, you will see the same performance from the Honor 9X that you’d have for most flagship devices. This leaves opportunity for improvements in other areas like the display. Honor took advantage of this and the result is a fantastic and immersive gaming phone.

Audio Quality

In 2019, one of the first questions you have to address when judging a smartphone’s audio prowess is “does the phone have a headphone jack?” The answer here is yes. Along with the headphone jack, the Honor 9X comes with Bluetooth 4.2 for your wireless headsets, and one bottom firing speaker. The speaker is very loud and has decent audio quality. Videos sound clear with great high and mid-tones, but lacking in bass compared to other smartphones.

Honor 9X Bottom Speaker

During our gaming tests, audio played through the speakers performed very well. The ability to use your wired headphones cuts down on battery drain which makes it a big plus for the overall gaming experience. The Huawei Histen sound effects let you adjust your audio to get the most out of your gaming sessions.

Battery Life

With a 4000mAh battery capacity, the Honor 9X is designed for long sessions of use before needing a recharge. When it comes to gaming, you’ll effortlessly be able to get in 8 hours in a session before needing a recharge.

These things make the Honor 9X a really good gaming phone and worth checking out for the price of £249.99.

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