Garmin Speak is a GPS Navigation Unit with Amazon Alexa Built-in

Garmin Speak is a GPS Navigation Unit with Amazon Alexa Built-in

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Similar to how Google has the Google Assistant SDK, Amazon has its own SDK for its Alexa service that allows 3rd-party companies to embed it into their products. We’ve seen this implemented in a wide range of products including connected speakers, refrigerators, and more. Today, Garmin has announced a new product called the Garmin Speak which combines the company’s GPS navigation system with all of the capabilities of an Amazon Alexa device.

Amazon recently held an Alexa hardware launch event and unveiled a number of new Echo products but their focus was put on the home. Garmin has a number of products for various aspects of your life but the company’s GPS navigation system has been popular for decades. Many have shifted to using their smartphones for turn by turn navigation thanks to the added desire to consolidate devices, but Garmin hasn’t given up in this field.

Garmin has just announced the Garmin Speak which is a small GPS navigation unit for your automobile that has Amazon Alexa built into it. The product is priced at $150 and currently on sale at select retailers including Best Buy and Amazon. The inch and a half device comes with a 114 x 64 pixel resolution OLED display with a faint LED ring around the OLED panel. It comes with a power cable and has a speaker built-into the unit, but you can buy an AUX cable so it connects to your car’s stereo system.

Since it has Amazon Alexa built into it, you can issue a ton of commands to the device using only our voice. This can be anything from streaming music to listening to the news or weather forecast, or turning on/off select smartphone products that you forgot to on your way out the door. With Garmin’s focus being on GPS navigation, you can ask for directions by using the “Alexa, ask Garmin for directions to…” command.

Source: Garmin Newsroom