Gboard adds 3 new suggestions: Smart replies, GIF search, and stickers

Gboard adds 3 new suggestions: Smart replies, GIF search, and stickers

Google is starting to roll out new types of suggestions on Gboard, making it easier than ever for users to communicate. Or more accurately, it’s easier than ever for Gboard to communicate for users.

According to Android Police, some Gboard users on Android are reporting seeing smart replies, sticker recommendations, and GIF search recommendations based on the last text that was sent. Here’s an album showing off these 3 new types of suggestions:

Screenshots via AndroidPolice



In the instance of smart replies, users might see suggested replies to a question. The screenshot above shows this new system in action. After a question is asked, one-word answers in bubbles are recommended. It doesn’t get any easier to communicate than that.

Sticker recommendations show up in much the same way. As you’re typing a message, a sticker may show up above the keyboard. Tap on it and you’ll get a larger preview; tap and hold it and a pop-up will let you see more items or turn off stickers entirely.

As for GIF search recommendations, they’ll show up in the search bar based on the last texts you’ve sent. So, if you send a text saying, “I’m so happy,” you might see GIF search recommendations for happy, excited, or joy. Likewise, messages with sad-sounding text in it might surface GIF search recommendations for relevant GIFs.

Obviously, much of this can already easily be done by a user with Gboard. The whole point is to reduce the friction of communication and surface these features without much interaction.

AndroidPolice says these features are being tested among a small group of Gboard users, so not everyone has access to them just yet. If all things go well, however, we may see more users gain access to these features to make communication easier than ever.

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