[Hands-on] Gboard is finally getting a Clipboard Manager, here’s how it works

[Hands-on] Gboard is finally getting a Clipboard Manager, here’s how it works

Before switching to Google’s keyboard app, Gboard, I frequently switched between Swype (RIP) and Swiftkey. Google’s stock keyboard app used to suck back when it was basically identical to the AOSP keyboard app, but since rebranding to Gboard it’s received a ton of feature updates. GIF creation, email address autocompletion, floating keyboard mode, Google search integration, and Google Translation integration are just some of the features that keep Gboard installed on my OnePlus 6, Google Pixel 2 XL, and now Google Pixel 3 XL. But there’s one feature that I’ve always craved: a clipboard manager. We’ve been tracking development of this feature for a few versions, but the latest version of the app rolling out today (version 7.7) is the first to have a fully functional clipboard manager!


We manually enabled this feature with help from XDA Recognized Developer Quinny899, Kieron Quinn of MightyQuinnApps. Once the feature rolls out to users, you’ll have a new option in the overflow menu of Gboard called “Clipboard.” Tap on this and you’ll be able to view some of your previously saved clips. You can add new clips, delete a clip, or pin a clip. You can access the clipboard manager via a shortcut when you open the keyboard. It’s fairly simple, but in my view, anything that lets you access more than a single item in your clipboard history is welcome.

Gboard 7.7’s Clipboard Manager. First 6 screenshots from my Google Pixel 3 XL, last 2 from my OnePlus 6.

The feature will eventually roll out to users, but we don’t know when. We recommend you sign up for the beta program from the Google Play Store. We’ll let you know when the clipboard manager feature rolls out, though.

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