Gboard is adding 1500 Emoji Kitchen stickers and making typing faster for everyone

Gboard is adding 1500 Emoji Kitchen stickers and making typing faster for everyone

Gboard is often regarded as one of the best Android keyboards, and for good reasons. It’s fast, easy to use, comes pre-installed on most Android phones, and its word prediction game is on point. What’s more, it keeps getting better with new improvements and features. Today, Google has announced several new features for the Gboard app to make your typing experience even better. These include new Emoji Kitchen stickers, improved clipboard suggestions, expansion of Smart Compose to non-Pixel phones, and more.

More stickers in Emoji Kitchen

Emoji Kitchen, which was added to Gboard’s feature arsenal in February, allows users to pick two different emoji and merge them into one to create unique supersized stickers. In June, the feature gained the ability to provide automatic sticker suggestions based on the context of the chat. However, if you ever used Emoji Kitchen, you may have noticed that sticker creation doesn’t work with all emoji. But soon, you’ll have a wider selection of custom emoji as Google has announced it is adding 1500 new stickers to Emoji Kitchen later this fall.


Gboard app showing contextual stickers in Emoji Kitchen


Smart clipboard suggestions and screenshot sharing

When you copy a block of text, Gboard can now automatically extract useful information like phone numbers, URLs, email addresses, etc., and surface them as snippets in the clipboard suggestion area. Google rolled out this feature for some Gboard beta users in July. But now it’s official and should soon be available to all users.

Gboard screenshot sharing suggestion

Gboard already lets you copy and paste images, and now it can also save your screenshots to the clipboard. When you open a messaging app right after taking a screenshot, Gboard will display that screenshot in the suggestion area for quick sharing. Google has been A/B testing this feature since May, and it should start rolling out to more users in the coming weeks.

Smart Compose for non-Pixel phones

Finally, Gboard is also getting the AI-powered Smart Compose feature that will surface relevant suggestions as you type to let you quickly complete your sentences. This feature was exclusive to Pixel phones, but it’ll soon roll out to all phones running Android 11 and above.

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