Gboard grammar correction is no longer a Pixel 6 exclusive

Gboard grammar correction is no longer a Pixel 6 exclusive

The Pixel 6 series has almost the same software experience as Google’s other Pixel phones, but there are a few exclusive software features. One of them was grammar correction in Gboard, which helped make your messages become a bit more like actual sentences, but now that feature is rolling out to other Pixel phones too.

Google first announced grammar correction in a blog post in October, saying, “We are launching a grammar correction feature that is directly built into Gboard on Pixel 6 that works entirely on-device to preserve privacy, detecting and suggesting corrections for grammatical errors while the user is typing.” At release, grammar correction was only available in English.

Keyboard screenshot showing "This sentence be grammatically incorrect" with "be grammatically" underlined

Gboard on Pixel 5 (Source: Reddit)

It was already possible to enable the feature on other phones by modifying the build.prop file in Android (which requires root), and now it’s officially rolling out to some older Pixel phones. BinkReddit on the Google Pixel subreddit found the feature was working on their Pixel 5, Android Police confirmed it was working on the Pixel 5a and 3a phones (on Gboard beta 11.4.08), and 9to5Google found it on an assortment of Pixel 5 and 4a phones.

If you don’t want all your messages to be proper sentences, you can still turn off the feature by opening Gboard’s settings (tapping the settings button in Gboard is one way to get there) and finding the toggle under the ‘Corrections’ section.

Speaking of the Pixel 6, Google just rolled out a surprise software update for the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, outside of the usual monthly security patches. The update adds a few security fixes from the February patch level that didn’t make it in the first time around, and also includes an updated Camera HAL APEX and Samsung RIL HAL library. Nothing too groundbreaking, but definitely welcome after the past few buggy updates.

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