GCam Tool 2.0 Moves all Google Camera Photos to any Folder, Prevents Flipping of Selfies and More

GCam Tool 2.0 Moves all Google Camera Photos to any Folder, Prevents Flipping of Selfies and More

We’ve reported a lot on the Google Camera with HDR+ port here on XDA, and various developers have figured out how to get more of the features working on our devices. While lots of work has been done with the application in getting it working on as many devices as possible, not a whole lot of work has been done outside of the application. There’s not been much by the way of companion applications. Reddit user /u/naveenjn has created GCam Tool 2.0, which allows you to move all Google Camera photos to any folder on your device and prevent the flipping of selfies. It was initially created to move portrait mode photos to another folder due to how it took multiple photos in their own folder, but it grew from there.


The app is fairly simple and easy to use and costs $1 if you want to unlock all the features like selfie flipping. This feature is necessary as unlike most camera applications, the selfie camera does not allow the option for you to save the image you see in the camera viewfinder. As a result, selfies you take will be saved flipped. GCam Tool 2.0 will flip this back to the right way around if you enable that feature, before saving it. It’s simple and it solves one of the bigger complaints Google Camera has had since its release.

If you still use any of the Google Camera applications, then this app is for you. If you want to save your photos to an SD card, it’s the best solution available currently. If you don’t like your selfies being flipped when you take them, then this app is also for you. It’s got plenty of small features that anyone can benefit from, so give GCam Tool 2.0 a try and see what you think. It might just make taking photos that much easier.

GCam Tool
Developer: AppTuners
Price: Free

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