Gecko Dialer is a Floating Take on the Traditional Phone Dialer

Gecko Dialer is a Floating Take on the Traditional Phone Dialer

Dialing a new phone number on your mobile device isn’t always a very convenient task. Sure, a few applications are smart enough to handle strings of numbers that look like they could be phone numbers by letting you click to dial them directly, but not every application offers this type of built-in accelerator. And if you’re anything like I am, you’ve probably had to remember long phone numbers and extensions while trying to battle the evil hordes that are tech company customer service lines.

A new application (that was created using the previously covered Tooleap SDK) by XDA Forum Member SourceGecko hopes to change all of this. Gecko Dialer is a floating window phone dialer that can be accessed at any time from any app or any screen on your phone. For example, you can be inside of a news app, see a phone number you’d like to dial, and begin your call–all without having to memorize the number and enter it into your regular dialer. In addition to simply calling new numbers, Gecko also allows you to use T9 search to browse through your contact list.

If you’ve been looking for a better way of dialing new numbers that you find in other apps, head over to the application thread and give Gecko Dialer a shot.

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