Genshin Impact 2.3 update brings two new Geo characters, new Geo boss, and so many….dogs?

Genshin Impact 2.3 update brings two new Geo characters, new Geo boss, and so many….dogs?

Genshin Impact is undoubtedly one of the more recommended games on Android, and also one of the only good games around that can bring the iPhone 13 Pro to a lagging halt with its 120fps game mode. Following up on the 2.2 update, Genshin Impact is soon coming out with its 2.3 update that brings substantial attention to Geo characters with two new offerings, a new Geo boss, and also, a lot of dogs for some reason.

Free Primogems from Genshin Impact 2.3 Livestream

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New Playable Characters in Genshin Impact v2.3

Arataki Itto

Genshin Impact 2.3 - Arataki Itto

Itto is the newest 5-star character joining the ranks of available characters. This is a Claymore wielder with a Geo vision, giving some company to Noelle as a Geo Claymore user. And much like Noelle, Itto has a Defense-stat-based playstyle. But unlike Noelle who is largely seen as a shielder, Itto is a DPS unit with an elemental burst that does plenty of Geo damage with subsequent normal attack hits. Itto also has a special exploration talent that allows him to receive bonus wood materials when chopping trees, so he should come in handy if you need to farm for furnishings. And much like other 5-star characters, Itto also gets his own story quest.


Gorou adds onto the Geo flavor of this update as a 4-star Bow user. His role appears to be that of a support, and one that adds greater benefits depending on the number of Geo characters in your party. So if you ever needed reason to build a full Geo team, Gorou is here to give you that reason. Gorou’s exploration talent will also highlight Inazuman resources, making him a valuable party member for exploration. And just in case you didn’t notice, Gorou does have features from our canine friends, which ties into other themes of this update.

New Boss in Genshin Impact 2.3: Golden Wolflord

Genshin Impact 2.3 - Golden Wolflord

The new Boss from this update is the Golden Wolford, or basically an oversized version of the Geo Rifthound. Much like Rifthound, this boss applies the super annoying “Corrosion” status, which will constantly lower the HP of all party members regardless of shields. The boss also summons Rifthound Skulls to shield itself. And in the later stages of the boss battle, the Golden Wolflord further increases its Attack state but lowers its Resistance to Geo attacks, seemingly fitting in better with the rest of the Geo flavor of the update. Does the Wolflord also count as a…dog? (Before you argue in the comments, both dogs and wolves are considered a sub-species of canis lupus

Event Wish Banner: Albedo and Eula, followed by Itto plus Gorou

Mihoyo is breaking tradition with this update as they are planning to run two simultaneous rerun banners. This means that both Albedo and Eula will have their Event Wish Banners available during the same period duration, presumably with a different set of accompanying 4-star characters in each of their banners. The small good news is that Wish Pity will be cumulative on the banners, meaning that if you wished on a banner 50 times and did not get a 5-star, you will be guaranteed a 5-star in the next 40 wishes even if you wish on the other banner.

Genshin Impact 2.3 - Character Wish Banner

Once Albedo and Eula’s banner rerun ends, we will get a single banner to get a chance to land Itto, Gorou, and two other 4-star characters.

Hangout Event: Gorou and Beidou

Genshin Impact 2.3 update adds a Hangout event for both Beidou and Gorou. Hangout Events are fun side stories that you can explore for Primogems and some combat and lore, so we aren’t complaining.

New Artifact Sets: Ocean-Hued Clam; Husk of Opulent Dreams

Genshin Impact 2.3 - New Artifact Sets

We’re getting a new Artifact Domain in Seirai Islands in the Inazuma region, with two new farmable Artifact Sets that appear to be Best-in-Slot for previously released Kokomi (Healing Bonus oriented) and the newly released Itto (Defense Bonus oriented).

Event: Bantan Sango Case Files: The Warrior Dog

Much like the previous updates, there is a slew of new and repeat events.

Genshin Impact 2.3 - Dog event

One of these new events revolves around playing hide and seek from dogs, and one of the rewards upon the full event completion is a gadget that will allow players to copy smaller animals in the Teyvat open-world into their Serenitea Pot, letting you gather as many cats, dogs, foxes and more you want in your housing domain.

Genshin Impact 2.3 - Dogs

Event: Shadows Amidst Snowstorms

Genshin Impact 2.3 - Snowman

At the end of the main highlight event of the new update, you will be able to build your own Snowman within the game. And yes, you get to keep the Snowman beyond the update.

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