Genshin Impact 2.5 update brings over Raiden Shogun as a weekly boss, and other playable additions

Genshin Impact 2.5 update brings over Raiden Shogun as a weekly boss, and other playable additions

Genshin Impact has had an impactful year, as the game continues to make progress with its storylines and characters, while continuously wracking up player numbers. In fact, it remains one of the more interesting games on both Android and iOS that can stress-test devices. There’s also a rough cadence of one update every 5-6 weeks and new in-game events all through, so the player base has something to look forward to, apart from the endgame grind. With the upcoming Genshin Impact 2.5 update, players get a new 5-star character, a new weekly boss in the form of Raiden Shogun, new sub-bosses in the Enkonomiya region, and more!


Free Primogems from Genshin Impact 2.5 Livestream

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New Playable Characters in Genshin Impact v2.5: Yae Miko

We’ve seen Yae Miko be a part of Raiden Shogun’s storyline, and now, players can pull for the character for their own playable team. Yae is a 5-star Electro Catalyst user, the first with this combination. From what Mihoyo describes her as, Yae is intended to provide constant off-field damage and high on-field burst damage, slotting her into a more DPS role than just support. We’ve seen a fair number of support additions over the past few patches, so Yae as a character is an overall unique combination arriving at a good time.

New Bosses in Genshin Impact 2.5

Raiden Shogun

We’ve seen Raiden Shogun in her deadly avatar in her storyline, and it was an interesting fight. But after that one fight, there hasn’t been another encounter as Raiden Shogun became available as a playable character in a less deadly form. And now, through the magic of storytelling, Raiden will be made available as a weekly boss in the Trounce Domains.

Shadowy Husk

We get a sub-boss with this patch in the form of the Shadowy Husk present in the new Enkanomiya region (located beneath the Watatsumi Islands in Inazuma). The Husk can take a few forms, such as Standard Bearers, Line Breakers, and Defenders. What is unique about these bosses is that they have a mechanic that dissuades shield-bot characters like Zhongli as they can mimic a character’s shield. They are slow to attack, which compensates for difficulty, especially if you have forgotten how to dodge as a Zhongli-shield main.

Event Wish Banner: Yae Miko, followed by Raiden and Kokomi reruns

There is only one new character in this patch, and the first character banner will feature her. The next banner will be a rerun of Raiden Shogun and Kokomi, in case you missed out on them when they launched back in the 2.1 update (Kokomi did become fairly usable with one of the recent artifacts sets). Mihoyo did tease out Kamisato Ayato, a Hydro Sword 5-star character for a future update, just in case you want to budget your primogem spending.


As usual, throughout the patch, there will be events, letting users play the game differently from the usual button smashing grinding for level up. The Enkanomiya region exploration will also let users get the new 4-star catalyst weapon, Oathsworn Eye.

The v2.5 update will arrive on February 16, 2022 for PlayStation, PC, Android, and iOS.

Mihoyo has also teased the Chasm area, which will form part of Liyue in the next update, i.e. v2.6, with a new Ruin Serpent enemy.

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