Get 1 Year of Fast, Reliable, and Secure Cloud Storage with pCloud Premium

Get 1 Year of Fast, Reliable, and Secure Cloud Storage with pCloud Premium

If you’re still using physical hard drives to store and backup your data, you’re missing out on the considerable advantages that cloud storage offers. And, while there are a host of solutions to choose from, it’s important to keep security and speed in mind when you’re weighing your options. Case in point, pCloud has made a name for itself as one of the most powerful and secure cloud storage services available, and a 1-year subscription is on sale for $29.99.

Unlike most cloud platforms that lack a reasonable amount of security or make it difficult to access your files quickly, pCloud offers a supremely secure and easily-accessible space for all of your photos, videos, music, documents, and more.

You’ll enjoy lightning-fast transfer speeds, 2TB of cloud storage (along with 2TB of download link traffic), high-level security with a 256-bit TLS/SSL connection, and the ability to quickly share files with friends via download and upload links.

pCloud even makes it easy to automatically sync your files between multiple devices and backup data from Dropbox, Facebook, Instagram, Google Drive and OneDrive all at once.

You can sign up for one year of premium cloud storage with pCloud, on sale today for over 65% off at just $29.99.

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