Get a Nest Hub Gen 2 and Nest Mini together for just $90

Get a Nest Hub Gen 2 and Nest Mini together for just $90

The Nest Audio speaker is also $25 off

Google released the second-generation Nest Hub back in March with a number of upgrades, including better sound, a Soli sensor for gesture control, optional Sleep Sensing, and much more. The new Nest Hub was originally priced at $99, and now you can get one and a Nest Mini for $10 less than that.

The hardware bundle on sale from Google’s official eBay store includes a 2nd-Gen Nest Hub and a 2nd-Gen Nest Mini speaker, both in the ‘Charcoal’ color (no other color choices here, sorry). Both devices are powered by Google Assistant, so they can stream music, play podcasts, give you the weather, make calls on Duo, and much more. The Nest Hub’s addition of a screen lets you watch videos from YouTube, Netflix, Disney+, and services using just your voice. You can also Cast audio content from your phone to the Nest Mini, and most videos can be Casted to the Nest Hub.

    This bundle package from Google's official eBay store gets you two smart speakers.

The Google Nest Hub currently goes for $80 on its own, and the Nest Mini can usually be found for around $35, so this bundle deal saves you about $25 compared to buying each product individually. That’s not a steep discount, but if you were already planning on upgrading to Google’s latest smart speakers (or you want one as a gift for friends/family), it’s not a bad deal at all.

    Google's top smart speaker for sound quality, the Nest Audio, is $15 off the usual price right now.

Alternatively, Google has also discounted the Nest Audio smart speaker (the successor to the Google Home speaker) to $75, a savings of $15 from the usual price. This is the model to get if you value sound quality above all else, and if you decide to get another one later (or already have one), you can pair them together for stereo sound.

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