Get a Special Deal on 2TB of Degoo Premium Storage Right Now

Get a Special Deal on 2TB of Degoo Premium Storage Right Now

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Our lives revolve around data. And while in an ideal world we’d be able to store all our files and programs on all of our devices simultaneously, that’s just not possible. That’s why cloud storage plans are so popular—they allow you to store your valuable data on a secure server, which frees up precious storage space on your devices. Degoo Premium is one of the best cloud storage services available, and a Lifetime 2TB Backup Plan is currently on sale for just $59.99.

Degoo Premium goes above and beyond what’s expected of most data storage services. You get 2TB of super secured cloud storage from which to manage and share files, with the ability to replicate your backup as you perform it—giving you extra peace of mind.

You’ll be able to initiate and manage high speed transfers from a database that offers more storage than Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Drive combined, and you’ll never have to worry about your stored data being compromised, thanks to ultra secure 256-bit AES encryption.

Using the server interface couldn’t be easier (you can even manage your backups directly from your smartphone), and you can keep your backup automatically up to date thanks to automatic file change detection.

Give yourself peace of mind for life with a 2TB backup plan from Degoo Premium. Recently on sale for 90% off at just $65.99, the price has been dropped even further to just $59.99 for a limited time.