Get Android 12’s new emojis on any rooted Android device

Get Android 12’s new emojis on any rooted Android device

Google typically introduces a new set of emojis with each Android system update. This year, the company will likely introduce the new emojis introduced in Unicode’s Emoji 13.1 set with Android 12. While these new emojis haven’t made an appearance on any Android 12 Developer Preview builds released so far, you can now start using them on older versions of Android if you have a rooted device.

To get Android 12’s new emojis on your rooted Android device, you’ll have to flash XDA Senior Member RKBD‘s Emoji Magisk module. The module will replace your system’s emoji font file with an updated version containing the new emojis that will make an appearance in an upcoming Android 12 release. The module will work on any rooted Android device, and it doesn’t require Android 12. You can download it by heading to the XDA forum thread linked below.


Download RKBD’s Emoji Magisk module

Here’s a quick look at the new emojis included in RKBD’s Magisk module compared to the current set of emojis available in Android 11:

Do note that RKBD’s Magisk module only includes a partial set of Android 12/Emoji 13.1 emojis. The stable Android 12 release will consist of several more emojis, and the following image shows what the final set may look like. The image is taken from Jennifer Daniel’s Instagram page, who is Google’s Chair of the Unicode Emoji Subcommittee.

Android 12 upcoming emojis

Android 12 upcoming emojis (Image courtesy: Jennifer Daniel)

It’s worth noting that Gboard users can also access the new Emoji 13.1 set in the Emoji Kitchen, as per a recent tweet from Daniel. In the tweet, Daniel reveals that Emoji Kitchen “now supports the latest Unicode version (13.1).” For the unaware, the Emoji Kitchen is a Gboard feature that lets you create custom emoji mash-ups. You can read more about it by following this link.

It’s also worth mentioning that Google is working on decoupling new emojis with Android system updates. This will let the company release the latest Unicode emojis by simply pushing an updated font file instead of requiring a full system update. This change is expected to go live with the stable Android 12 release later this year.

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