Boost Android’s Battery Life


There’s nothing worse than being in the middle of a phone call and having your battery go dead. You rush to the nearest wall outlet and quickly call your Dad back. He explains to you that he has a restraining order on you and that you need to stop calling him. It’s at this point that you realize not only is your phone dead, but you’re dead inside too.

To avoid this kind of problem, we will go over some of the best ways to extend the life of your Android battery. Let’s begin!


Bluetooth, Wifi, Brightness

Some of the best ways to save your battery are also the easiest! If you’re not using Wifi or Bluetooth, just shut them off through your quick menu. You can also bring your brightness down as well, or set it to auto brightness. If you go into your power management, you’ll probably notice that it’s almost always your screen that uses up the most power.

If you’re in an area where you’re getting a bad cellular signal, you can disable your cellular connection as well. If your phone is constantly searching for a signal, it’s going to drain quite a bit of power.




Power Management

Phone manufacturers are really good at providing some kind of built in power management. If you’re running low on battery, just turn on you power saver mode. This will disable unnecessary features and keep you running with just the basics. There are many different tricks they’ll use to get the most out of your battery. Samsung has a great feature that sets your screen to grey scale to reduce the power needed from your CPU and GPU, which can greatly extend your battery life in a pinch.

Within you power management menu, you’ll also be able to see which apps are taking up the most batter life. Find the apps that are hogging juice, and disable them.




Live Wallpapers and Widgets

Live wallpapers can also be a source of high battery drain. Having that animation run in the background at all times takes resources. Switch to a standard wallpaper to relieve some of that stress on your phone.

If you have a widget on your homescreen that’s displaying some kind of live data, then that will tend to hurt your battery quite a bit. For example, if you’re running a news widget, every time you unlock your screen, that widget pulls data from a source in able to update the information you’re looking at.

So using a standard wallpaper and removing widgets is a great way to save some juice. Battery juice, not apple juice.



For AMOLED Displays

AMOLED displays (usually found on Samsung devices) work a little differently than an LED or LCD display. When the pixels are showing a darker color, they’re using much less power. That’s why you get much deeper blacks. When a pixel is showing black, it’s using next to no power at all. This can give you a bit of an advantage when it comes to saving battery. Just use a dark background to relieve the stress on your phone’s power.





All those cool transitions and animations that you see, when navigating your Android device, take a toll on your battery. Chances are you won’t miss them too much if you get rid of them. Enable developer mode by navigating to Settings > About  and tap rapidly on Build Number until confirmation that you’re a developer. Back out and go into your developer menu. Disable Window Animation, Transition Animation and Animation Scale. That should save you some juice.




Greenify is a fantastic app that will work on both rooted and non-rooted phones. This app has tons of features designed to optimize you phone’s performance, to get as much life as possible from your battery.  It’s constantly getting better as they add new features. There’s a dedicated XDA forum that you can check out. You can also download the app right from the Play store.

Play store link

XDA Forum



Portable Battery Charger

If you don’t mind carrying something extra in your fanny pack, you can pickup a portable battery charger. You can usually find these things under $20 and they’ll give your phone an extra boost. They charge just like your phone would, and most of the time they’ll be able to bring you from 0% to 100%. These are great for flights and stuff.


That’s everything you need to know about how to extend your battery life.