Get Installations Right the First Time Around with Michy’s Installer for WM

Get Installations Right the First Time Around with Michy’s Installer for WM

A while back, XDA member michyprima released a largely improved installer for WM. This is one of the features that Microsoft has not touched since 2003 (maybe a few tweaks and fixes here and there, but nothing major). As it turns out, there is always room for improvement because this installer will save you from a few headaches that many WM users are familiar with, such as:

  • failed installations,
  • installation denied due to lack of permissions,
  • having to install everything manually, one by one,
  • not knowing how much space the app will take post installation,
  • and more..

This new wceload will get rid of all those annoyances and will enable functionality in your WM that should have been included from the start. Again, this app is over a year old, but we figured that it was worth mentioning it due to its potential usefulness.

Have you ever got an “Installation Unsuccesfull” message? Or a “Uninstall failed” message? Or worst thing an “Missing privileges” while installing a cab?
Now this messages are gone. With my installer, which is a complete Wceload and uninstaller replacement, any installation will complete without any problem 

Main features:

  • Full repleacement for winceload
  • Select if you want or not to run setup dlls
  • Avoid failing for missing privileges
  • Get the space that an’installed app consumes after installing too
  • Search within your device the cabs you have and select what you want to install
  • Analyze FB_Install folders
  • Batch cabs installation
  • Installation processes can be aborted any time
  • If you are overwriting exes, they will be automatically terminated before installing
  • Advanced cab analyzer (view files contained, shortcut, regs, extract them……etc)

You can find more information in the application thread.

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