Get into Game Development with this Beginner-Friendly Training

Get into Game Development with this Beginner-Friendly Training

Thanks to platforms such as Steam and the App Store, it has never been easier to make a living from building games. Some of the most successful titles are simple platformers and puzzlers, which you can code with HTML5 and JavaScript. If you want to make your own games, the Zero to Hero HTML5 Game Developer Bundle can help you get started. The bundle includes eight courses and 24 hours of content, and you can get it now for just $25 at the XDA Developers Depot.

The advantage of developing games with HTML5 is that your titles can be played on numerous platforms — including iOS, Android, and the web. This bundle teaches you how to build multi-platform games from the ground up.

The training is based around projects such as a Zelda-like action game, and a Mario-style platformer. You start from scratch, but the tutorials quickly introduce new concepts. By following along with your instructor, it’s possible to build your first game in just two-and-a-half hours.

This bundle also looks at game development with Python and JavaScript, along with the Phaser 3 frameworks. You should come away with loads of useful skills and a nice portfolio of games.

Order now for $25 to get lifetime access to the courses, worth $1,182.


Zero to Hero HTML5 Game Developer Bundle – $25

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