Get Lifetime Cloud Storage for Under $60 with Two Amazing Deals

Get Lifetime Cloud Storage for Under $60 with Two Amazing Deals

There are obvious benefits to using cloud storage: easy access to files, secure backup, easier collaboration, no chance of losing a physical hard drive — the list goes on. Unfortunately, the big boys will make you pay ridiculous sums for this privilege. But look elsewhere and you can find some really affordable options. For example, right now, you can get lifetime access to 2TB of storage with ThunderDrive for $59 or the same with Degoo for $59.99 at the XDA Developers Depot. Why go with these options?

To start, cloud storage with ThunderDrive is faster than the equivalent storage at Amazon and uses 256-AES encryption to keep your data secure. You can upload and access files on pretty much any device via the web, and it’s extremely easy to share files with friends and family. If you’re looking for fast, reliable, and flexible storage, this solution is hard to beat.


Degoo Premium offers more cloud storage than Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive combined. You can back up all your devices with ease, and Degoo automatically detects file changes. You get the security of 256-AES encryption, and the platform lets you easily share secure links. When it comes to easy, hands-off backups and expansive storage space, Degoo is one of the top.

At the end of the day, both services are fast and reliable, with copious storage space for large files. You simply can’t go wrong by switching to the cloud, and opting for a one-time payment rather than paying monthly for the foreseeable future. 

Pay just $59 to get lifetime 2TB storage with ThunderDrive, worth $1,200. Alternatively, you can grab 2TB lifetime storage for $59.99 with Degoo Premium, also worth $1,200.


ThunderDrive Cloud Storage: Lifetime Subscription – $59

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