Get News Fast with NewsJet

Get News Fast with NewsJet

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The tempo of life is incredibly fast nowadays. Having to keep pace and an overall lack of time are main reasons why people use news feed readers. Information needs to be extremely fast and reliable… fast like a jet.

Many of you browse various news sites to get information about politics, technology, and sports. Browsing when mobile, however, can become difficult when connection speeds are less than ideal and pages are relatively heavy. In these situations, a good old-fashioned RSS reader is still one of best way to get information. Luckily, there are quite a few Android apps designed to read your news feed. One of them, NewsJet, was recently made by XDA Forum Member nikanorov.

The main purpose of NewsJet is to serve you news feed from popular services like BazQux, Feedly, InoReader, and The Old Reader. To use NewsJet, you need to have an account on at least one of these services. The application simply retrieves data from the service and presents it in the nice and aesthetic way. It’s the perfect way to keep in touch with all the recent events, without using a PC or fast Internet connection.

If you are looking for solid and fast RSS reader, visit the application thread and give NewsJet a shot.