How to get the Samsung Galaxy Note 8’s Live Message Feature on the Galaxy S8

How to get the Samsung Galaxy Note 8’s Live Message Feature on the Galaxy S8

Live Message is a neat new feature on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. On the keyboard, you can tap the heart icon and you will be met with a canvas where you can draw with various different pen effects and emoji. It can be sent on any platform that supports an up-to 15 seconds animated GIF file. This is a feature available for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 but not the Samsung Galaxy S8 because it makes use of the S-Pen found on the Note series.

Galaxy Note 8 Live Message

Live Message Feature on the Galaxy Note 8

However, it’s actually possible to get this feature on unrooted Samsung Galaxy S8 devices thanks to XDA Senior-member mweinbach who figured out the necessary APK modifications needed to make it work! Although you don’t need root access, you do need to download the modified files provided in the thread. Choose any one of the following platforms to download from, then begin the tutorial.


Google Drive
Android File Host

Install Galaxy Note 8’s Live Message Feature on the Samsung Galaxy S8

Step 1

Following the above steps to reach the secure startup setting, toggle the option “Secure startup”. If it’s on, turn it off or if it’s already off, then turn it on. Now restart your phone.

Step 2

Extract the zip file linked above (from any of the links) and install all three of the APKs.

Step 3

Change your keyboard input by either going to Settings and then “My device” -> “Language and input” and picking Samsung Keyboard Neural Beta as your default, or just going to a text entry field and changing it that way.

Step 4

Set up the keyboard, and once done you can hold down the emoji key then tap the live messages option to open up the Live Messages feature!

You can keep up with further development effort in the thread here! It’s pretty simple as mweinbach has edited the APKs to contain all of the needed parts into the files, rather than using root to place the required files in their necessary directories. Go try it out and let us know if it works for you!

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