Get ProtonVPN’s World-Class Security and Speed at the Lowest Price Ever

Get ProtonVPN’s World-Class Security and Speed at the Lowest Price Ever

During the holidays you might find a large influx of electronics entering your home. Whether you splurge on Black Friday deals for TVs or expect to see a few new computers on Christmas, you’ll want to make sure that all of your devices are protected. The best way to ensure there are minimal security risks with all of this new tech is with a high-speed VPN.

ProtonVPN’s 50% off sale is the biggest deal they’ve ever made available. Take advantage of this discount to connect all of your devices to their new ultra-fast servers while protecting your internet traffic. Your privacy is more important than ever, especially this time of year.


Get ProtonVPN Plus with 50% off

New Faster Speeds with WireGuard

ProtonVPN rolled out the legendary WireGuard VPN protocol back in October to offer even faster and more secure connections (all open source). This feature is enabled by default for all ProtonVPN users and built to provide longer battery life, which is often an issue with VPNs on mobile devices.

Because WireGuard is exceptionally lightweight, ProtonVPN users are able to achieve 400% performance improvements. This is done by combining WireGuard with Proton’s unique VPN Accelerator technology. Now your phone, computer, smart TV, or any other compatible device will have the fastest speeds available.

There are over 61 countries with ProtonVPN servers, giving you plenty of connection options. ProtonVPN’s wide footprint is especially helpful for bypassing geo-restrictions on streaming services or blocked websites.

Special Offer: 50% Off

ProtonVPN is running a sale that will extend through the end of 2021. Get a 24-month subscription for only $4.99 per month. See full details of the sale here, where you’ll find different options to choose from. This is the biggest sale they’ve ever done, and it’s a great opportunity to get top-of-the-line internet privacy on your devices.

As part of the many changes and improvements being made at ProtonVPN, Sir Tim Berners-Lee has joined Proton’s advisory board.

Our vision is to build an internet where privacy is the default by creating an ecosystem of services accessible to everyone, everywhere, every day. It is what drives everything we do, from our development of transparent and encrypted services to our advocacy for better data protection laws.


For anyone interested in the future of privacy, Big Tech, and similar topics, check out Proton’s CEO’s recent appearance at Web Summit in Lisbon.

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