Get REAL Weather Where YOU Are with Weather Station

Get REAL Weather Where YOU Are with Weather Station

As time goes by and technology leaps forward, we get to enjoy the benefits of advancements right in the palm of our hands. Most mobile devices in this day and age are equipped with a wide array of onboard electronics and sensors, capable of making our experience with them more enjoyable and closer to what can only be described as intuitive. Rotating the device making the screen turn to landscape mode, keeping the device awake by virtue of its camera and face recognition software, and even something as simple as a magnetic compass to help us determine direction, are only some of the features included. It seems that technology evolved once again with the introduction of the Samsung Galaxy S4. Mobile devices are normally equipped with temperature probes/sensors internally to check for battery/component overheating (for safety purposes), but it seems that Samsung engineers decided to sit down and collectively devise a way to enable to phone to measure ambient conditions as well. To make a long story short, the device sports temperature, pressure, and humidity sensors (hygrometer), which allow the device to tell you exactly what the current conditions are EXACTLY where you are located (and not by virtue of downloading data from the web).

This being an absolute first for the mobile world, our devs saw it as an opportunity to try and expand on the range of software capabilities added to the phones. XDA Forum Member jsstp24n5 released an application that makes use of these new on board sensors. Weather Station is a simple app that will provide you with data measured by your device such as temperature, ambient pressure, dewpoint  and relative humidity. The full integration of sensors can also make use of things like the GPS in order to do things such as calculating pressure with respect to elevation. The app also offers a wide variety of options for displaying and reporting its data, such as graphs, tables, and even has widgets. This is essentially like having your own personal weather forecast system in your pocket.

Please take the app for a spin and provide feedback to the dev. Also, keep in mind that other devices may have sensors on board as well, so feel free to try it out and be more savvy about your surroundings. As always, bugs and feedback are appreciated.

The Galaxy S4 is the only Android device right now with ambient temperature and humidity sensors. This Weather Station app I developed (free and with no ads) utilizes these sensors to the full delight of amateur and pro meteorologists:

You can find more information in the original thread.

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