Get The Best Time Lapse Shots With X-Lapse

Get The Best Time Lapse Shots With X-Lapse

The amount of Android accessories that are available are endless. In a sea of crappy cheap garbage it can be almost impossible to know if what you order is going to be decent or not. In the Android Crap series on XDA TV we do reviews on some of the most strange or interesting accessories we can find. In this video we are looking at at Muvi X-Lapse panorama device that works much like a kitchen timer.


The only complaint I have with this device is with the grip that you slide your smartphone in. While the head is turning, there is a good chance that your phone will slip out of place, ruining your shot. This can be fixed by replacing the grip with another more sturdy mount for your smartphone.

When the X-Lapse works, it works great. Check out this video taken with a Nexus 6P and X-Lapse.

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